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James Caan by Openfilm




If you have some unique talent then check out Openfilm. What these guys are trying to do for young talent is such an outstanding thing to do, James Caan, Scott Caan, Robert Duvall and Mark Rydell step up to bat to give the aspiring filmmaker and videographer a shot. The sincerity behind these guys is unbelievable, and I can honestly say without a doubt they want you to succeed in the entertainment industry. Openfilm is a great start for someone who has talent that might be struggling to get their work noticed. Scott Cann a filmmaker who understands what it takes to get a movie made and distributed has a core understanding what filmmakers go through. His experience and talent can only help amplify the strength of the beginning movie maker because of his true understanding of independent films. Take a look at Openfilm you won't be disappointed, as it will inspire you to take part in one of the most solid and powerful ways to put your movie on the World Wide Web. I salute James Caan, Scott Caan, Robert Duvall, and Mark Rydell for not forgetting their roots in the entertainment business by helping others in the entertainment field follow their dreams.




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