John Wells

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John Wells

Actor John Wells was born in Louisville Kentucky and started showing up in films and television series around 2006. John Wells is no second rate actor, he is a versatile actor and takes all his roles with a firm grip. Wells can portray just about any lead or supporting role presented to him. He's not shy in front of the camera and takes every scene he gets with a positive attitude giving an up scale performance. Though John Wells can portray any movie character I personally think his greatest strengths would emerge out in movies like "Troy" or "Gladiator!"   Actor John Wells is in outstanding physical shape, his acting abilities are way above normal and he has a good appearance for the movie business. John Wells has several movies coming out this year and the next, so please check out actor John Wells in his new films being released!





Actor John Wells


John Wells - Actor Demo Reel


Actor John Wells.






John Wells

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