Claudia Kastellanos

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Claudia Kastellanos

Claudia Kastellanos is a model/actress born in Northern Virginia where she still resides today. The first film Claudia Kastellanos acted in was a movie called "Paparazzi Eye in the Dark" which she was hired in as an extra. She has worked on several other films and television series since then in front of the camera as well as behind the camera. I noticed Claudia Kastellanos a long time ago as having superior photogenic capabilities for modeling and her acting to be very solid and believable. The videos I have seen of her acting have shown me that she has a deep understanding of the acting craft and commits herself to her character with her enter being. I feel I have a good eye for talent when it's presented to me and I can assure you that this woman can climb to great levels in the entertainment world. You have to have something extremely special to become noticed in the entertainment business these days and Claudia Kastellanos has that special something to make it. There are thousands of want to be actors out there every year trying to make it in the film industry, but only one actor out of that thousand will ever succeed. It's obvious to me that Claudia Kastellanos is one of those special talented few in the movie business who can truly succeed in the business!




Claudia Kastellanos actress/model






Claudia Kastellanos 

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