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Oregonda movie coming in 2022

The year is 2048 and earth's elite space military Star Command is at war with the ruthless Draconian who are quickly conquering territory within earth's solar system and ravaging ally planets. When intelligence is discovered that the Draconian may be developing a dangerous Bio-weapon to destroy humankind, General MacBain of the Star Command ship Nastron desperately commissions a damaged reconnaissance ship in the third quadrant to travel across enemy lines and confirm the existence of the Draconian bio-weapon in hopes of destroying it and turning the war. Commanded by Major Remus Hughes and piloted by Captain Leila Collins the Oregonda embarks on a potential one-way mission to save humanity. 


OREGONDA is a production of Westfield Entertainment and currently filming in Indiana and Illinois by two-person filmmaking team Eric Shook and Leanne Johnson.

Westfield Entertainment