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November 26, 2022

The Movie Moustache review of Oregonda movie

November 5, 2022

Star Force Galactic Command is battling to protect Earth's solar system from the ruthless Draconian. When intel is obtained of a bio-weapon that could destroy humanity, the spacecraft Oregonda is dispatched on a top secret mission into enemy territory to retrieve evidence of the weapon's existence.





Watching Oregonda, it feels like a love letter to classic sci-fi. Everything from the practical sets to the clever use of visual effects, it's clear that this is a movie born out of love for the genre. As a story it sits somewhere between Star Trek and Stargate SG-1, as Captain Leila Collins (Leanne Johnson) and Major Remus Hughes (Eric Shook) head off into the vastness of space. The two leads share a good chemistry throughout, as their characters struggle with the danger of their mission, as well as the morality. Their conversation about trust and the need to withhold classified information also proves rather interesting. 





The thing that strikes you most, however, is the sense of loneliness that permeates the movie throughout - in much the same way it does for the crew of the Nostromo in Alien. Thanks to an 'up...


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Oregonda movie trailer

September 3, 2022



Star Force Galactic Command is battling to protect earth’s solar system from the ruthless Draconian when intel is obtained of a bio-weapon that could destroy humanity. Despite ongoing repairs, the spacecraft Oregonda must leave port from the command ship Nastron and travel into enemy territory to retrieve evidence of the weapons existence before it’s too late. Piloted by the tenacious Captain Leila Collins (Leanne Johnson) and commanded by headstrong Major Remus Hughes (Eric Shook) the Oregonda embarks on a reconnaissance mission of action, adventure and intrigue in order to turn the war and save the world.



Leanne Johnson as Captain Leila Collins

Eric Shook as Major Remus Hughes

Jeff Angel as Soran

Kevin Wallace as General Tomas T. MacBain

Jonni Shandor as Davya

Jonathan Martin as Captain Liam Callaway

Dannon Everett as Lieutenant Will Martin

Kristy Rose as Oregonda computer

Sonja Wallace as Captain Sarah Nikolovski

Sean Rose as ship departure voice.


Original Score by Eric Shook and Brianna Tam


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June 28, 2021

Leanne Johnson


Leanne Johnson actress Known for Barbara, Batgirl, Night of the Living Dead, NASA Official, Sunshine Girl ,Tin Roof ,  Warrior's Death - A Star Trek Fan Film The Shadows (TV Series,) The Light at the End,  The Void, Alone, The Widow, Little Light Lies (2021,) Dormant,  UFO Land, Night of the Living Dead, Christmas Crashers,  Greek Fire, Wing Chun, What Tiger Wishes, Broken Silence Family Edition, Judas and the Black Messiah, Elevator,Batman: Knightmare, The Wager, Chicago P.D. (TV Series,) Oregonda


Westfield Entertainment





Tamas Menyhart


Tamas Menyhart is a Karate Black Belt Holder with over twenty years of experience. He is in two movies being produced this year! "Duel of Legends" directed by Hector Echavarria  and "A Fighting Chance" directed by Shaun T. Benjamin. Both of these movies are martial arts films that will be released in theaters later this year. Tamas Menyhart has portrayed various movie characters over the years even the film character "Heraklion" in the movie "Immortals" in 2011. Check out Tamas Menyhart latest movies this fall!

Westfield Entertainment

Tamas Menyhart - actor



Tamas Menyhart - Martial arts.







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A Fighting Chance - movie

September 1, 2014

Westfield Entertainment

Actor Tamas Menyhart


A Fighting Chance

A Fighting Chance is a new movie coming out! Directed by Shaun T. Benjamin!

In order to get his family back, Frank must transform internally and overcome his fear instilled in him by his father since childhood. And in the process of his turbulent spiritual journey and self-discovery, he creates a Martial Arts "Transformational Training Method: H.I.G.H. K.E.Y. F.I.T.N.E.S.S. which in turn he utilizes to lead and metamorphosize an inner-city High School Karate team from last place to first place in the state. These teenagers get to realize their unlimited God-given potential to overcome barriers and break down their limited beliefs and become positive contributors to society.

A Fighting Chance movie 2014

Directed by Shaun T. Benjamin.


  • Martin Landau
  • Catherine Carlen
  • Gino Salvano
  • Andrea Anderson
  • Melody Angel
  • Tamas Menyhart
  • Salomon Passariello
  • Mike Coleman
  • Joan-Seda Bejaniance

Production Co:
Melody Films Entertainment

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