Lost on Mars

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Lost on mars


Lost on Mars is a science fiction movie that was produced by Westfield Entertainment and directed by Eric Shook. The Screen play was written by Shook based on what it might be like if Mars had a thriving atmosphere and civilization before Mars lost its atmosphere. The movie intended to bring back the lost style of early film making and acting.


Lost on Mars 2002

Lost on Mars



The first rocket ship designed to go to Mars is scheduled for a routine planetary space exploration. The mission is changed once Earth receives a strange signal transmitted by a probe on Mars. Once the three young astronauts land on Mars, they find a device that sends them back to a time when the Siperion Empire controls Mars. Their only chance of escaping from the past is to find the time device that brought them there in the first place. Commanded by Major Alex Quinn, the spacecraft gets caught in a violent magnetic storm during takeoff, which somehow activates the ancient time traveling time device they found in a sealed tomb on Mars. Quinn leads two other astronauts Captain Michelle Fox and Captain Nicole Taylor back through time, 300 billion years into Mar's past. The astronauts search the planet then get captured by a guard from the Siperion Empire. Giza is a Siperion officer who finds out that these three astronauts have the ability to travel back and forth through time. She becomes determined to gain this ability. Giza, known as the great barbarian warrior, must have this power to kill the Sorth, a great and powerful ruler of the Siperion Empire. Once she accomplishes her plan, she will take the power of the Masha from the Sorth an evil power the Sorth possess.



The film sets were constructed by Westfield Entertainment to resemble the scenes and rocket ships of the 1950s famous science fiction classics. Various locations where scouted out and the final sites were decided in South Dakota and Illinois. A full mockup of the rocket ship interior was designed and built that would carry three astronauts to mars. Costumes were made with simple white astronaut suits to keep within the total feel of early days of space travel. Digital graphics were kept to a minimum and while making Lost on Mars the use of real props and models were created to bring a more realistic concept of space travel to the audience; a process that cannot be obtained from modern computer generated graphics today. The cast was made up of various actors who studied how actors of that era behaved in front of the camera, in an attempt to resemble the early days of science fiction film making. Lost on Mars was shot during 2002 and transferred to VHS for release which was later picked up by Pro - Active Entertainment Group for distribution. Lost on Mars was then released after 2010 on DVD.



David Long, Megan Glosser, Gretchen Maxwell, Julia Gommell, Kelli Wilson, Brittnay Wisovaty, Justin Hemming, Amber Distler, Eric Shook, Michale Dwiggins, John T. Oertling and Beverly Rankin.



Production company: Westfield Entertainment

Film distributor: Pro-Active Entertainment Group