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Empire of Danger

Empire of Danger is a movie sequel to Lost on Mars made in color, produced by Westfield Entertainment and directed by Eric Shook.


The screen play was written by Eric Shook who wrote this story which would take place ten years later on a return trip back to mars. “Empire of Danger” was meant to be a stepping stone to make other sequels to this movie series. The concept that American Astronauts could now control time was an intriguing plot where before in lost on mars the American astronauts were at the mercy of time itself, like in the 1966 TV series the Time Tunnel. Even though this is a sequel and most people frown on sequels it still has character and a really good story. Most sequels fail at the box office because the sequel doesn’t keep to the true core of the original movie. Director James Cameron's Aliens for instance, proves that it can be a success to make a sequel. Not to say Empire of Danger comes close to an excellent film like Aliens, but you have to remember that Empire of Danger didn’t have a million dollar budget to back the production. During the making of Empire of Danger, the decision was made to re-configure the rocket ship to accommodate four new astronauts who would travel back through time to Mars. The production company did not want to pull away from the original idea of a movie that would resemble science fiction of yesteryears flying in standard fuel rockets. The Production company "Westfield Entertainment" decided that this time around they would use an all new cast except for a couple actors from the previous movie Lost on Mars. It was also decided that Empire of Danger would not just be a sequel to the last movie rather a storyline that could hold its own and be viewed regardless if watched before the first movie. There were a lot of changes from costumes to lighting in the new movie. Empire of Danger had a brighter tone to it where Lost on mars had more of a darker tone to it. As before the story would be separated each story telling a little about both cultures. The beginning of the movie would tell about a story of astronauts planning to return to Mars and getting to know them personally and a story of Mars three billion years ago where Giza the battle Warrior thrived for power and her thirst for more power within the Siperion Empire. The Idea was to bring these to stories together to make one storyline that would alter everyone’s lives. Westfield Entertainment created Lost on Mars and Empire of Danger to take it one step further than a lot of science fiction movies about Mars do by giving the audience a story that would be far beyond just going to mars just to look and pick up rocks, rather give a story of adventure and bring Mars to life.


A newly designed spacecraft capable of going through time is sent to Mars to rescue a crew previously Lost on Mars. The ship is sent through the past but to the wrong time, years later than the first crew. Once they land on Mars the crew finds it to be a place where Barbarians rule. The leader of the Barbarians is a female battle warrior named Giza (Cindy Tozer) that wants their ship to use as her own chariot through time where she hopes to steal the ancient power of the Masha. With that power, she will gain complete control of the Siperion Empire. Giza is one of four daughters to a mother who holds the position of the Sorth in the Siperion Empire. Giza believes she will be handed down the great power of the Masha and control the Siperion Empire because she is the first-born and has the blood line to its right. After released from prison Giza retained her military power and took control of the Army in that region on a planet the astronauts from the future call Mars. Giza with the help from her private guard will help in an attempt to take the time traveling device from the Astronauts and use it to complete her plan to take the power from the Sorth. Things change drastically for Giza and Patra (Stephanie Hunsicker) and her trusted guard Ardamas


  1. Cindy Tozer as Giza
  2. Tatum Green as Kendra Cassidy
  3. Traci Alms as Rachael Stewart
  4. Eric Shook as Ardamas
  5. Caleb Howald as Kurt Bolin
  6. Samantha Shook as Sara Kennedy
  7. Stephanie Hunsicker as Patra
  8. Jayson Johnson as Barthalmus
  9. Darkeith Lofton as Ukatus
  10. Adam Kennedy as Maddock
  11. Beverly Rankin as Director of the space program
  12. Roger Anderson as the General
  13. Mike Davis as Alex Quinn
  14. Brenda Alexander as Space command officer
  15. Lester Fornshell as Tribal warrior 1
  16. Mike Morrison as Tribal warrior 2
  17. Randy Miller as Tribal warrior 3
  18. Andrea Melton as Reporter 2
  19. Steve Rankin as Doctor Donavan
  20. Heather Myers as Andora
  21. Mellissa Schutzbach as Tribal leader
  22. Lisa Love as Reporter 1
  23. Justin Roley as captured slave
  24. Derek Alms as Tribal boy




Production company: Westfield Entertainment

Film distributor: Pro-Active Entertainment Group